The Quality or State of Being Real, 2010
This series was my very first attempt at visual glitch. To make them, I sourced comments left under random videos on Youtube. These comments were whimsical, problematic, technical, paranoid etc. I then inserted these comments into the code of an image, which produced these glitch landscapes. The writing at the bottom or the side of these images contain the portion of the ASCII code that was altered with the language code from the youtube comments. Each image was titled according to the title of the video I found the comment under; they were printed at medium scale on backlight media.

Do Human Pheromones Work?

Ghost Pictures Show

Gorilla vs. Gorrila

High Resolution Video Test Maine

How to: Small Eyes Bigger - Rounder

New Moonrise

New Necklace

Pennie The Jack Russell

Slow Motion Pipeline

Snow White Hair Tutorial

Space Shuttle STS117 Launch


Super Obama Girl